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Certified quality according to DIN


WIG-welding (Wolfram-Inert-Gas welding) is an arc welding procedure with an electrode which won’t burn down (Wolfram-electrode); as a protective gas inert gas is employed.

Dieses Verfahren ist bereits in den 40er Jahren in den USA entwickelt worden und wird heute vielfach eingesetzt. Vorteile sind:

Common WIG-welding procedures are: Welding of pressure tanks, pipes and recuperators made of heat-resistant alloys, rust-resistant steels, nickel-based and aluminum alloys.

Important: Welding jobs are performed solely by certified welders according to DIN EN 287-1 and AD-HP3.

Furthermore we can offer a WIG-welding instruction according to EN 287-1 and AD-HP3 for your employees.

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